Letter from:
Modesto Narvaez,
Committee for Community Development
Santo Tomás, Nicaragua
Brothers and Sisters of Olympia, please receive greetings from this group of young woodworkers here in Santo Tomas. We are soliciting through this letter your support of a project we, a group of independent artisans, have formulated. We are asking that you give us a little push along the road. As we walk we can sustain the work we have, and later, the same funds will help us alleviate the miserable poverty in which we Nicaraguans live.
I, Modesto Narvaez Hernandez, Artesano, poet, and member of the CDC, in the name of the Atresanos, write this letter.

Our objectives for this project are
1) to become self-sustainable,
2) to provide hands-on skills training for young people, and,
3) to generate employment for men and women in our community.

ApprenticesWith the support of the sister organizations, the Committee for Community Development in Santo Tomás Sister County Association (TSTSCA) in Olympia, Washington, the group has organized itself and created this project.

In order to achieve their goals, the Artesano group is creating a national and international market for their goods. Selling the goods at Traditions Fair Trade in Olympia is part of achieving this goal. Their long term goals include creating a social fund for the workers in the group (similar to health benefits), incorporating an Evergreen student in their work, making unique pieces that can be auctioned at TSTSCA events and garner more funds for the project, creating a gallery in Santo Tomás to exhibit work, and organize all the youth that already are capable woodworkers in the community.

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Modesto Narvaez