From Patti

Patti and Beth began a journey on January 13, traveling to India to attend the World Social Forum. Many in our community have helped make this trip possible, and we’ll post the letters Patti and Beth send home to us so we can all follow the adventure.

January 13, 2004

beth will be here soon, it's 1:45 pm. we'll be on our way to seatac airport. we are feeling a bit crazed. i have more stuff than what fits into my backpack. i feel like i am not here or there. not in olympia, not in india. i keep imagining india and the world social forum, but until i get there and feel the india under my feet, and smell india, and see india, and hear india, and have some heart connections, i don't know what i can say. i am honored to be a guest in india in a couple days. i definately feel like a guest, and only hope to be a most respectful guest.

the world social forum was born in 2001 as an international forum to contest neo-liberal economic policies and capitalist led globalization. it is estimated 75,000 people will attend the world social forum, and among them will be painters, writers, filmmakers, singers. there will be a youth forum, and it is estimated 10,000 will participate. there will be so many open discussions, and so much to consider in regards to everyone’s ideas about how to create a better world in every level of functioning as individuals and as communities. i see myself with dumbo’s ears, ready to fly and ready to do lots of listening. we won’t just be at the wsf, we'll be in india. in mumbai, the new york of india. we will be stimulated at every level of our being, and much of it won’t be comfortable, at least at first, i am told. i look forward to new friendships and much more. of course, i am really looking forward to eating indian food and drinking chai. we’ll definately love telling you all how much we love the food!!! and the people, and the beautiful surroundings. until hongkong (i hope we can email from hongkong)

love, patti

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