From Patti and Beth

Patti and Beth began a journey on January 13, traveling to India to attend the World Social Forum. Many in our community have helped make this trip possible, and we’ll post the letters Patti and Beth send home to us so we can all follow the adventure.

January 14, 2004

beth and i are at the HongKong airport. we just spent a few hours in the city. we ate lunch in a little place where we shared a table. rice noodles in chicken broth and some interesting chicken with the skin on it in small cut up pieces. i loved it, beth wasn't too sure about eating it, but she gave it a try. and some great greens. they served our tea with evaporated milk. it was very tasty. people were nice,and many speak english, of course. ok, on to mumbai. talk soon, i hope.

Patti and I survived our 15 hour flight (without too much soreness) and have spent our layover hanging out out in Hong Kong - we’ve done so much in just a few hours. From the airport we took a high speed train into the city where we boarded a ferry and spent the day mulling around the kitchy shops, markets and street - there is so much to look at its a true sensory overload. This afternoon we lingered in the sunshine in a beautiful park right in the middle of the city - we can’t wait to spend time here when we return on our next layover.

Our flight was long but inspiring too - we made some great connections: a woman who is interested in Fair Trade in Bolivia, works in Eco-toursim and is the mother of the founder of She graciously offered us a place to stay since our accommodation reservations are a bit uncertain. We also met a woman who has lived at the international community we might visit and knows of the artisan collective we want to make connections with for Servv. Now we have to hustle to catch out next flight...more from Mumbai!

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