From Patti and Beth

Patti and Beth began a journey on January 13, traveling to India to attend the World Social Forum. Many in our community have helped make this trip possible, and we’ll post the letters Patti and Beth send home to us so we can all follow the adventure.

January 16, 2004

oh my. soooo many people. we spoke to many people of many different organizations. we rode in an autorickshaw, and a bus, and a train. it was incredible!!!! we listened to great speakers tonight, including, arundhati roy. sorry, this keyboard is realllly sensitive, and there’s not time to fixxx typos. want to know where i am typing from? an apartment in west andherri. weeee

made a friend and and he became our guide, and thank god!!! it was chaotic at the wsf, but getting back to our hotel. would have been a nightmare without deepak, our friend, and now we are eating chinese food with his cousins and uncle. beth and i made lots of connections today, and we will tell you about them later. seriously, it really is a good thing deepaak guided us, we may have been in a dangerous situation after dark and all. ok, off to eat.
all our love, patti and beth

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