Albanie Falletta and the Sweet Tooth Serenaders
Saturday, November 25

With special guest Vince Brown

“..Her guitar playing and singing are sublime expressions of her deep love for music. Her great wealth of spirit and personality beams through her every note... Making music with her comes so very naturally; it’s always a refreshing and invigorating experience no matter what band, genre, style, or occasion.”
– Ryan Gould (Austin, TX string bass and early jazz expert)

“Ben Bonham, an expat Brit, spends most of his time on National Steel guitars and lap steels. He devilishly evokes front-porch picking sessions and Hawaiian luaus with his liquid strokes, but can cop a nasty swing on demand. . .a supremely accomplished guitarist”
– Don Campbell, The Oregonian

Inquisitive listener, what is the sum of two musical geniuses and a guy who has an upright bass? Albanie and the Sweet Tooth Serenaders.

Albanie Falleta brings her magical musical magic in the form of sweet guitar work, beautiful and haunting voice, and her sparkling personality.

Ben Bonham meets her with his surprising musical surprises, which he channels through his slide guitar, his guitar guitar, and his radio unfriendly humor and wit.

Ronnie Ontiveros is the guy who has an upright bass.



Ben, Albanie and Ronnie





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