Evening with Bernie Meyer, the American Gandhi
Sunday, January 13

Bernie Meyer began his justice and peace career as a Catholic priest in Cleveland Ohio during the 1960’s. A 1967-68 Urban Ministry Program, which addressed racism, war and poverty, anchored his life mission. He was arrested challenging the church in 1969 and later arrested in Washington DC for protesting Dow Chemical Company’s supporting the Vietnam War with napalm and Agent Orange/dioxin. He began resisting nuclear weapons in 1974 and has been arrested numerous times for his actions.

Since 1995 after 30 years work on social advocacy and social services, Bernie has focused on the study of human motivations for violence and of methods in nonviolence.

From 2002 he has portrayed Mohandas Karamachaud Gandhi and become known as “American Gandhi” due to his portrayals in India. He has portrayed Gandhi by invitation in India during 17 trips since 2005. During the summer of 2007 Bernie walked from Faslane Scotland to London England with “Toward a nuclear Free World,” as Gandhi. In 2018 he testified in India for Gandhi’s 2019 Sesquicentennial at the invitation of the Prime Minister. In December 2007 he received an Individual Lifetime Achievement in Human Rights award for “Outstanding Achievements” from the Thurston Council on Cultural Diversity & Human Rights. He is now addressing climate change by educating, fasting, and acting and to resist nuclear weapons.

THE AMERICAN GANDHI, My Truth Seeking with Humanity at the Crossroads. Mahatma Gandhi, Universal Citizen.



Bernie Meyer


The evening will be an opportunity to hear Bernie talk about and share videos of his September/October India trip, a critical experience at the Global Youth Peace Festival, Chandigarh, the Inauguration of the World Peace Dome in Pune and the World Parliament for Science, Spirituality and Philosophy and Presentations for ANUVIBHA out of the Children’s Peace Palace in Rajsamand.

Bernie in India

American Gandhi, Bernie Meyer, is greeted by the India Vice President, President, and Prime Minister, who invited him to contribute to the sesquicentennial of Gandhi's birth at the Presidential Palace. May 2nd 2018.



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