Mary Flower
Saturday, February 3

“One of the finest fingerstyle guitarists alive… another enchanting recording by a marvelous acoustic blues artist.”
– Ron Weinstock,
Jazz & Blues Report

“A luscious lusty mix of rootsy styles, anchored by Flower’s immense finger-style guitar technique and warm-as-honey-and-whiskey voice. Her meter-perfect guitar work is inventive, dexterous and rock solid. Her voice is as comforting as a winter quilt and effortless as a breeze”
– Don Campbell,
The Oregonian

Mary Flower is renowned for a uniquely personal vision of roots music that blends ragtime, acoustic blues, and folk – technically dazzling yet grounded in the down-to-earth simplicity of early 20th century American music.

With eight albums under her belt, Flower has earned rave reviews from critics and audiences alike for her unassuming vocals, but it’s her instrumental skill – a mastery of the difficult Piedmont blues guitar that takes most players a lifetime to hone – for which Flower is most celebrated.





Her fingerpicking forms the basis of a heavily syncopated, ragtime-based style wherein the thumb plucks a strong rhythmic base as the fingers etch out the melody. Mary also excels at lap slide guitar, allowing her to infuse songs with a supremely delicate, plaintive sound that’s hers alone while recalling the blues giants of the past.


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