Medicine Line Project
Thursday, January 24

More than just playing tunes, a talk/discussion on the Metis history of how native people and fiddles have developed a culture that is kind of unknown due to the cultural sensitivities of the mixing of European and Native culture and how it is felt today. The Medicine Line Project will elaborate on the border between Canada/US and how that has contributed a racial divide among Aboriginal people and how Metis music is played throughout the North and South of the “Medicine Line.”

Jamie Fox is a Metis fiddler of the Aaniih and Nakoda tribes. She grew up on the Fort Belknap Reservation of Northern Montana where she was immersed in a lively fiddle and dance tradition in the community. The tunes and dancing played there derive from a mixture of Celtic, French, and Native American cultures - local Saturday night dances were a positive bridge in the racial divide of what it meant to grow up on the reservation and be mixed blood.



Jamie Fox & Scotty Leach


Growing up as a dance fiddler, Jamie has collaborated with Pianist Scotty Leach for the project as his skills range not only on excellent dance backup but his energy and intuition enliven Jamie's playing to tell a story with Metis tunes from a stage perspective. Scotty Leach hails from Centralia, WA and grew up in the folk music world growing to be an accomplished pianist. Scotty also plays fiddle, with repertoire pulled from most North American genres of traditional fiddling.

Jamie and Scotty met at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes as teenagers and have been friends ever since by playing tunes, traveling, and sharing exceptionally dry humor.



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