Steve Luceno Quartet
Saturday, January 6

The Steve Luceno Quartet will be performing a mix of original songs by all group members and a few select arrangements of standards.  All four of these musicians have participated in bands that performed in multiple styles: “standard” jazz, “modern” jazz, rhythm & blues, Caribbean music, dance bands & concert bands.  The music they make together reflects their varied experiences; it is lively and has un-expected twists.

Steven Bentley, drums: Steven hails from Tacoma and has been one of the most sought-after drummers in the Salish Sea region for 40 years. He also leads his own band that performs his original music, and has been featured in a Black Box Cabaret Jazz concert at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Steven’s musical pallet is a wide variety of textures and dynamics, with a solid grasp of shifting shapes within any given form. He is an orchestral percussion section inside a jazz drummer, un-tied to any restrictive doctrine. Also a creative composer, Steven’s original songs break down boundaries and reach exciting new places.

Ariel Calabria, piano: Ariel is well known to Olympia music fans. He can be heard performing on guitar, piano, bass, drums, and saxophone with many local bands including Bert Wilson’s & Nancy Curtis’ commemorative group “Rebirth” and Joe Mailhot’s “Carlisle Group”. He has led groups performing his original music, including a Black Box Cabaret Jazz concert. Ariel is a musical explorer; he finds hidden pathways through any song while also retaining strong connections with the other musicians in an ensemble. He brings surprises and powerful rhythm to performances and to his original pieces.

Steve Luceno Quartet


Lorree Gardener, string bass/vocal:  Lorree performs with a diverse set of bands based in Olympia.  You’ll find her playing traditional Brazilian music, vintage swing styles, dance band, Caribbean music, orchestral settings, and just about anything else you can dream up.  Her solid time keeping and supportive intuition are valuable additions to this group.

Steve Luceno, guitar/vocal: Steve is most often heard playing string bass, accompanying the melodic section of many ensembles.  However, he will be playing guitar (and singing some) in this quartet, which places him with the primary melodic instrument of this band.  Steve is known for a warm sound, creative renderings of standard songs, and explosive solos that launch performances into hyper-drive. His original music is rooted in the traditional forms and rhythms he has learned from his peers and mentors over the past 45 years.


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