Cosy Sheridan
Friday, November 16

“Her user-friendly musical philosophy sets her happily apart from the myopic, self-involved songwriter so often lambasted by everyone. She’s a wonderfully lively, very funny and enormously amiable entertainer, with a keen and wicked eye for the excesses of our fast-food tv-happy and noisome culture.”
The Boston Globe

Cosy Sheridan has been called “one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful singer-songwriters.” She first caught the attention of national folk audiences in 1992 when she won both the Kerrville Folk Festival’s NewFolk Award and The Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Contest, and then released her critically-acclaimed CD Quietly Led on Waterbug Records. Almost 20 years later she is one of the most respected touring musicians on the folk circuit as well as a teacher at many adult music camps.
In 2011 when she released her tenth CD, The Horse King, The Chicago Examiner wrote: “You can't make it into double digits, and continue touring for twenty or so years, unless you know what you’re doing and do it well. Rarely do you find a CD where every song is memorable. It happens, just not often. It happens here.”

A guitar student of instrumental luminaries such as Guy Van Duser and Eric Schoenberg and a voice student at The Berklee School of Music, she brings a depth of experience to both the musical as well as the lyrical side of her craft.





Her concerts are wide-ranging explorations: modern renditions of mythology (meet Hades the Biker), children’s stories woven into tales of modern adulthood, blues and gospel guitar and love songs for adults. Her alter ego, Chlamydia, often appears with songs such as Botox Tango or Multiply Pierced. Rich Warren of The Midnight Special wrote: “Cosy Sheridan possesses an eccentric muse, or perhaps it possesses her. That’s all for the good as (it) leads her into explorations to which other writers are oblivious.”

In 1994 she created a one-woman-show, The Pomegranate Seed: An Exploration of Appetite, Body-Image and Myth in Modern Culture which she brings to college campuses. “Sheridan is frank, feisty, sublimely and devilishly funny. She fuses myth with modern culture; Persephone with Botox,” said The Cornell Folksong Society.

For the past 18 years, she has taught classes in songwriting, performance and guitar at workshops and adult music camps across the country such as The Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and The Swannanoa Gathering. In 2008 she co-founded The Moab Folk Camp.


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