The Makedonians
Saturday, January 12

The Makedonians perform traditional music of Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and the Near East - but not always in a traditional way.

The Makedonians have been performing in the Pacific Northwest for the past 17 years at Bumbershoot, the Northwest Folklife Festival, Tacoma’s First Night Festival, Olympia’s Farmer’s Market and Music-in-the-Park series and many other venues. The group is dedicated to bringing this great music directly out of the village and onto the modern stage.

The ensemble resembles a Bulgarian chalgia orchestra, typically comprised of eight or more (sometimes many more) musicians playing a combination of wind, string, and percussive instruments. Wind instruments often include the clarino, a variety of flutes and saxophones, the recorder, gajde, oboe, and the double-reeded zourna. Rhythm and strings can include the tambura, bouzouki, baglama, guitar, accordion, fiddle, viola, cello, mandolin, and bass. Percussion includes the tapan, dumbek, tambourine, zills, and an occasional handtruck.

The Makedonians





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