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Fall grant cycle begins
The Community Sustaining Fund (CSF) of Thurston County is pleased to announce our Fall 2010 grant funding cycle. Grant applications for environmental and social change projects are now available to groups and individuals interested in progressive community oriented activities. 

The deadline for submitting completed grant applications is Friday, October 22.  In-person grant presentations to the CSF Board are required for all applicants meeting our minimum criteria.

Grant criteria and application forms are available on request from: Traditions Fair Trade (5th and Water St., Olympia), or by writing CSF at 2103 Harrison St., NW, Suite 2715, Olympia, WA 98502, or by downloading a form (Adobe pdf) by clicking below.

Download application
Download criteria

The Community Sustaining Fund provides grant support for progressive and community-oriented projects in Thurston County. Due to a lack of dollars available for developing and maintaining local social change activities, a group formed in the fall of 1985 to explore new forms of fundraising. After extensive research and discussion, CSF was created in the spring of 1987 to address this urgent need for local sources of revenue.

CSF is supported by businesses, cottage industries and individuals in many different ways – voluntary markups at the cash register by shoppers, increases in selected retail prices, or regular contributions from receipts or wages. You can support CSF by shopping at local businesss with the green CSF fern in their window.

CSF donations are tax-exempt, but not tax-deductible. Tax-deductible foundations can only support individuals and groups which are themselves tax-deductible.


Community Reinvestment

The Community Sustaining Fund semiannual grant funding aims to create a more democratic, equitable, nonviolent and ecologically sound society. CSF tends to award funds for start-up costs of projects that might otherwise go unfunded, but with the expectation that these projects will become self sustaining. Grant funds are derived from contributing individuals and businesses. The Community Sustaining Fund is always looking to exapand and diversify our volunteer base. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us at